As part of the ‘Other Cultures’ scheme of work we are currently studying in English, Miss. Lockyer, Mrs. Addison and Mr. Coombs took Aspire’s 8A class last Friday (21st November) to Wilberforce House, to visit the birth place of William Wilberforce. The aim of the visit was to allow students to learn outside the classroom and promote independent learning through seeing the variety of exhibits, as well as to promote British values and engage the students with their local heritage.

Students learned about Wilberforce himself but were most shocked by the conditions slaves were kept in from the journey in the Trade Triangle. They were almost in disbelief when Mrs. Addison and myself told them that they had to endure months on the ship before finally arriving in their new country, to be sold.

There was one particular exhibit, which showed the cramped conditions on the ship. We re-created this by encouraging students to lay on the floor. They could not believe how close the slaves had to be and were appalled by the fact there were no toilets on-board for the slaves to use!

Hull’s connection to William Wilberforce is the main reason Hull is linked with Freetown in Sierra Leone and also the reason Aspire has chosen to make connections with FSSG, our partner school in Freetown.

Students were a credit to the Academy and I was very proud of how they interacted and asked questions.