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Exploring Fabric


The vocational students have been working on the textiles element of the Rivers of the World Project and have been looking at the different clothing, accessories and fabrics that were brought back from Sierra Leone earlier in the year. It’s a good opportunity for the students to be able to work closely with our partner school in Freetown, and gain an understanding of some of the cultural differences which impact on the daily lives of young people.

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Rivers of the World – Part 2


This is the second year that Aspire will participate in the Rivers of The World Education Project. Rivers of The World is a collaborative art project which connects young people across the world with their local river, and to a partner school. Aspire’s partner school, Freetown School for Girls, is located in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Last year was a great success for the students involved and it was great to see the work of our talented students on display beside the River Thames and the National Museum in Freetown. This year the Art Department is looking to build on last year’s [...]

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Heights of Success


In KS3, tutor groups are taken off timetable one day a week to participate in Aspire’s ever-developing enrichment program. The aim of the program is to help students engage with the wider community and develop important life skills, as well as building confidence and having the opportunity to participate in a range of team activities. This week the students from 8A paid a visit to RockCity, one of the UK’s largest indoor climbing centres. As you can see from the pictures, the entire group got involved, challenging their limits and fears, and setting the standard for the great heights we know [...]

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Life Skills


As part of Aspire’s commitment to delivering crucial life skills to all students, some of the lads from 10C were given the opportunity to show off and improve on their cooking skills. And with it being St Georges Day this week, what better dish to cook than the quintessential English classic: The Big Breakfast. The students used their independent cooking skills in Aspire’s fully equipped catering facilities, and with the expert knowledge of Mr Pinder, each of them put together a plate of food that not only looked and smelled good, but tasted amazing too. If you don’t believe me, ask [...]

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Unusual Suspects


Following the shocking murder of Mrs Stephenson, some of the prime suspects were brought in for questioning. A team of highly skilled officers carried out an interrogation that left the suspects hot under the collar. Muddled stories and questionable alibis became the theme of the day and, as the pressure intensified, the hopes of the three suspects fell into the hands of their trusted solicitor and his questionable ethics. As the marathon interview session concluded, two questions still remained: Who really murdered Mrs Stephenson and do staff at Aspire eat too much fast food?

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Fort Paull


Last week, some of the Year 9 groups visited Fort Paull as part of the KS3 enrichment program. Fort Paull is Yorkshire’s only remaining Napoleonic fort, stretching over 10 acres, and its impressive grounds are steeped in British history. The fort was used extensively until Post World War 2 and proudly exhibits the World’s only surviving Blackburn Beverley Aircraft. The students took their time to roam the grounds and take in the many exhibits on offer and later ask questions based on their findings. A good day all round.

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Murder She Taught


There appears to have been another murder at Aspire. The latest victim – Mrs Stephenson. A witness from 8A reported: “I was looking forward to my science lesson. I really enjoy learning from Mrs Stephenson because she knows all these amazing facts and she always makes learning fun. But when I walked in and saw her sprawled out on the floor, with all this blood – I just couldn’t believe it!” Desperate for justice, the students from 8A have decided to put all of the skills Mrs Stephenson has taught them to good use to determine the culprit. This time the [...]

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Mixing it Up.


During the last half-term some of our more musically inclined students were given the opportunity to work with DJ Olly Drop from the Noise Academy. Students were given the opportunity to learn new skills, using specialist equipment and the expert guidance of a professional sound mixer. All students took part in a live recording sessions where they put their newly acquired mixing skills to the test. These mixes are available on Sound Cloud through the following link: https://m.soundcloud.com/noiseacademyuk/sets/aspire-academy-hull Now the students have completed their Level 1 assessments they will move onto Level 2 and build on the skills they have learned. [...]

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Sierra Leone News


Our partnership began many years ago but more recently with a ‘Rivers of the World’ Project. Teachers from around the world were invited to the British Council in London to discuss this project and how we could connect the classroom work of schools from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Nepal and many other ‘underprivileged’ schools across the globe. Many inspiring ideas were shared and the collaborative planning began …all to feed into the theme of ‘Rivers.’ The fantastic artwork produced by all the partner schools, Aspire and FSSG included has been exhibited in Hull, London and Freetown. The girls in Freetown were amazed [...]

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Packing a Punch


The Year 9 girls visited Saint Pauls Boxing Club this week and took part in a range of activities which included: boxing techniques, endurance tests, flexibility exercises, cardio drills and bag work. St Paul’s is a boxing academy which recognises the importance of youth and community in relation to building a brighter future; values Aspire also promote keenly. The students gave it everything they had and as a reward for their hard work, were given the opportunity to practise their newly acquired skills on a very anxious Mr White.

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