Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Ethos

Aspire Academy sees it as one of its greatest priorities to ensure that all of its students are well-informed about their potential futures and opportunities. It has a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of the individual as they learn about the world and where they might develop within it.

Good quality careers education and guidance helps students to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to make well-informed career choices.

Deciding what to do in the future can be difficult. With many different options, qualifications and courses to choose from it can be hard to decide. Some people have a clear idea of what they want to do and how to achieve it but not everyone is like this.

Everyone is different but it is important to start thinking about the future. Think about what your skills are and what you are good at. By law, all students at the Academy are entitled to impartial information, advice and guidance. There are various websites that can give you some idea of careers that may be suitable for you.

Careers Leader:

Should you wish to contact the lead for Careers Information, Education, Advice and Guidance (CIEAG) within Aspire, please contact

  • Mrs C Boyton – Careers Leader (

  • Mrs L Charles – Connexions

  • 01482 318789

How to access a copy of the Academy’s CIEAG Programme.

CEIAG Policy

Measuring the impact of Aspire’s CIEAG Programme


CIEAG review date:

Aspire will review its current arrangement for CIEAG in the Summer Term 2020 and will publish its new strategy in September 2020.

Gatsby Benchmarks

At Aspire we aim to meet all of the benchmarks set out as part of the national careers agenda:

1. A stable careers programme which embeds a programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by students, parents, teachers, governors and employers.

2. Learning from career and labour market information. Every student, and their parents have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. Students have the support of an informed adviser to make best use of available information.

3. Addressing the needs of each student. We recognise that students have different career guidance needs at different stages. Opportunities for advice and support need is tailored to the needs of each academy with equality and diversity considerations throughout.

4. Linking curriculum learning to careers. All teachers link curriculum learning with careers. STEM subject teachers highlight the relevance of STEM subjects for a wide range of future career paths.

5. Aspire encourages encounters with employers and employees. Students have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. This can be seen through a range of enrichment activities including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes.

6. Experiences of workplaces.  Students experience the workplace through the use of vocational subjects, work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience which will help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their networks.

7. All students will plan for further and higher education All students will understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. This includes both academic and vocational routes and learning in schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace.

8. Every student will have opportunities for guidance interviews with a trained career adviser, who could be internal (a member of school staff) or external. These will be available whenever significant study or career choices are being made.

Careers Advice and Post 16 Support

Aspire offers a range of support and opportunities for students, which both advises and prepares them for post-16. In addition, we offer on-going support after our students leave in year 11, to give them the best possible chance of success and to help put them back on a path, if they need it, when things don’t always work out as expected.

At Key Stage 3, PSHCE and our enrichment programme The Loft enable dedicated curriculum time to identifying and preparing students for post-16. It highlights careers opportunities and builds life skills essential for preparing for working life.

At Key Stage 4, PSHCE and Preparation for Working Life builds on the skills obtained at KS3. In addition, all students move onto a curriculum  incorporating work-based vocational qualifications, alongside traditional GCSE subjects. All year 10 students have the opportunity to complete a work experience placement.

Year 11 have access to 1:1 careers advice with Connexions and our onsite Careers Officer. They are supported in applications and the interview and acceptance process. Aspire runs a summer school for leavers and we continue to track, support and find solutions where required right the way through their first year away from Aspire. For those students with EHCPs, this process starts in Year 9 as part of the section 4 Annual Review transition planning.

Want to speak to an adviser?

Arrange an appointment in school with Ms Charles (Connexions) or Mrs Boyton.

You can call 0800 100 900 or webchat with someone from the national careers service, 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm.

There is a Hull base for the National Careers Service within Hull Central Library.

Hull students can also call Connexions, or see them independently. Details can be found here:

East Riding students, please see this link for additional support, help and advice:

Browse Careers Information:

The best way to start is by talking about it to teachers, tutors, advisers and family! What ideas do you have? What ideas do they have? What are your interests? Then try following these links to allow you to search and browse for careers and further education opportunities:

Browse Further Education providers:

Further information

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