This week students in Key Stage 3 are taking part in a number of community based projects. Community is one of our three key values, along with Forgiveness and Endurance, and therefore it is important for our students to be more aware of the communities we belong to and to positively impact upon them. Some of our Year 10 students who aren’t on work experience will be helping out as student mentors for the week.

Throughout the course of the week students will all:
1. NATIONAL LEARNING: Learn about the national community, looking at the individual countries which make up the U.K and the different cultures, traditions, landmarks and history that makes them what they are. All groups will contribute to a giant Monopoly board of the U.K.

2. SCHOOL CONTRIBUTION: The Fence Post Project sees all groups contributing to the school community, designing a character representing themselves to paint onto a fence post in the outside area.

3. INTERNATIONAL LEARNING: The Global Food Project looks at the traditional food and dishes of our international communities, particularly for those countries on three different continents where we have link schools: Poland; China and Sierra Leone. The research is then put into practice with students preparing a meal themed according to the chosen link school.

4. LOCAL LEARNING AND CONTRIBUTION: Students are encouraged to look into their local community and specifically at the local charities directly impacting on our local area. One charity they will study is Dove House Hospice. Students will make garden planters, which will then be priced and sold. The profits will be donated to Dove House, making a direct positive impact on the community around us.

5. LOCAL LEARNING AND CONTRIBUTION: Students will investigate and research areas of Hull. They will learn about their history, location in relevance to the rest of the City and what those areas have been used for. Students will then be taken out to photograph their researched area. The project will come together across the week and the end result will be shared with our link schools in Poland, China and Sierra Leone – promoting our school and city.