Construction has seen a productive half term in both KS3 Technology and for the KS4 group.
This half term the year 9 students have been working on improving their woodwork skills and have constructed a wooden pencil case or pencil holder. Students have chosen their own design, produced a detailed drawing and made the project selecting suitable materials along the way.
KS4 construction
Key stage 4 students have been working well towards their City and Guilds qualification this half term. The year 10 students have just started the course so have been learning about health and safety in construction. They have also started to learn about different woodwork joints, how we make them and where they are used.
The year 11 students have continued on the course where they left off from last year. They have been learning the different painting techniques used within the trade and all about the different finish we use.
All the group have been very busy working on small projects for around the academy and jobs for staff, from bookcases to cat trees. All the time improving their skills and learning new ones.
As you can see by the photos, there’s been some great stuff going on in the last few weeks. We’ve also connected with a local charity and we hope that in the next half term our KS4 students will work with them to benefit the community…watch this space!