We are well underway with our busiest exam week of the year!

Yesterday 100% of year 11 attended their Literature exam. It was by no means an easy exam paper but we were really impressed with all the students, all of whom had a really good go at it and performed really well.

Today we had both year 10 and 11 sitting their GCSE Leisure and Tourism exam, and again, another 100% turn out and exemplary behaviour. Well done!

Tomorrow there is a small Science exam then onto Maths (Thursday for years 10 and 11) and the second English Literature exam (year 11 only) on Friday.

A big thank you to the KS4 students who decided to stay today and help out at SPACE with the Year 9 enrichment programme. It is great to see you teaching the year 9s and helping them to gain confidence in new skills. Those year 11s who wanted to stay on for revision for tomorrow’s exam – well done to you too.