Aspire has a partner school in Sierra Leone called FSSG (Freetown Secondary School for Girls) and they are in need of our help!

Since the Ebola outbreak, the schools in Freetown/Sierra Leone have not re-opened from the summer break however Victoria (our link school teacher) and head teacher, Florence Davies, are in desperate need of cleaning products and medical supplies to help their colleagues, friends, students and students’ families. These items are not available in Freetown or just ridiculously expensive. It is not just Ebola they are facing, the knock on of so many Ebola cases is that other common diseases and illnesses, including sickness and diarrhoea, are left untreated as there is no capacity in their hospitals and health centres to deal with anything other than Ebola.

All Aspire students have spent time this week studying the crisis and its impact, as well as looking specifically at the impact on our colleagues and peers in Freetown. All students were taught a lesson so they are fully aware of this Global crisis, the potential effects and challenges on their peers at FSSG and what we can do to help. As British citizens, or citizens contributing to our British communities, it should be part of our values to demonstrate a personal responsibility to help those in need.

We sent a huge pallet of the aforementioned goods last week, it will arrive around the end of November. We have also had another 2 pallets donated by a company in Derby who heard of our appeal on KCFM last week. We hope to send more goods to London for shipping ready for the next shipment on the 29th of October and on each ship thereafter.

The staff and students at Aspire, as well as the ASPIRE extended family and friends, have so far achieved an incredible amount in terms of bags and boxes of goods collected to send.

We’d also like to thank staff and customers of the following organisations and companies for their donations and, in some cases, on going and repeated support:

David Ward Motor Services, Seaton, Nr Hull
Humberside Aggregates and Excavations, North Cave
Multitex Chemicals, Hull
Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Hull
KCFM, Hull
Sirius Academy, Hull
Robinson Healthcare
Worshippers at St Charles, Hull
Eurovision Logistics
Cool Solutions
Reckitts, Derby