Wow what an amazing start to the Loft programme, this first term back in school. All the students involved have experienced new activities and rewards.
The Loft’s delivery of new and exciting challenges, combined with students own self-development, team building and of course lots of fun is rapidly gaining popularity and creating a buzz factor amongst the students and staff at Aspire.
Sophie and Peter the Loft coordinators stated, “these are exciting times to be able to support and develop self-confidence within the Aspire students who attend the programme.” They continued, “not only are we supporting the students with a number of academic/vocational qualifications, but also creating great experiences/memories through the practical activities we offer.”
So far this term the students have enjoyed activities such as Rock climbing, walking on the Wolds, a trip to Spurn Point, boxing, food hygiene, first aid along with VCERT and BTEC delivery/support and a gym induction, which will all go towards building up a personal portfolio of nationally recognised qualifications and experiences to take with them into future.
The students who attend the Loft have more exciting events to look forward to in the second part of the Autumn term as we will continue with the first aid, rock climbing, food hygiene as well as introducing new experiences of sailing, raft building, mountain biking, food nutrition, fitness tests and the promotion of living and leading a healthy lifestyle.
With a new premises at the Aspire Project on Noddle Hill ready and refurbished, watch this space as The Loft is ready to raise the roof!

Peter & Sophie
Loft Coordinators